Hydrant Testing During March & April

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Minneola's Fire Department will be performing annual fire hydrant testing and water line flushing throughout the months of March and April.  Although inconvenient, this service serves several purposes. First, it will help maintain the City's water quality by removing sediments and stale water from the system.  Second, the process will help ensure all hydrants are functioning properly and no weak flows exist in the system.  Third, the flow testing will serve as completion of criteria for the Insurance Service Office (I.S.O.) which is a part of our fire rating and helps to keep property insurance rates as low as possible.


You may experience discoloration of your water as a result of testing and flushing. This is a normal part of the process and does not represent a health hazard.

Here is what the colors indicate:

Cloudy or White Water - This is typically the result of air trapped in the system.

Yellow or Green Water - This is usually the result of iron deposits being removed from the system.

Brown Water - This is often the result of either iron deposits or silt being removed from the system.


These issues can be resolved by turning on the cold and hot water faucets within your home or business until the water runs clear which should occur within a couple of minutes.


Citizens may also experience low water pressure while the testing and cleaning procedure takes place.  This should also be temporary.


If you experience difficulties or have further questions regarding hydrant testing and water line flushing, please contact the utility billing department at (352) 394-3598.


Thank you your cooperation and patience.