Time to Update your 911 Address with your Cellular Provider

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Did you know?

Your 911 address, in your cellular telephone provider's system, may be different than your mailing or billing address.  When I first moved back to my home state of Florida, I contacted my cellular telephone provider and updated my billing address.  After unpacking boxes, getting settled in, and connecting my computer, I went online and logged onto my cellular telephone account.  I was surprised to find that my billing address was correct while my 911 address was not.  My cellular provider still listed my old address in another state as my 911 address.

Whether you are a seasonal resident, a new resident, or a resident that has lived here for a long time, now is a great time to verify, and if necessary, update your 911 address with your cellular telephone service provider.  You can go online or contact your provider directly to update your 911 address.  If you have multiple cellular telephone numbers on your account, some of which may be for family members or friends that do not live in the same area as you, you can add a 911 address to each of the numbers on your account to be sure all of your loved one's emergency addresses are properly listed.

Why is it important?

This simple step may help our public safety providers reach you faster during an emergency.  Additionally, your help in verifying your 911 address with your cellular telephone company will ensure that your cellular telephone provider is forwarding the 911 fees they already collect from you to the dispatch center that provides your household with the critical lifesaving communication services needed to respond to your emergency calls.  Again, the correct disbursement of these fees are important to ensure your dispatchers have the funds they need to provide you with the best services possible.