Energy Conservation

Energy ConservationThe City of Minneola encourages Citizens to follow the Federal Government and the State of Florida’s implementation of energy conservation measures with the following guidelines:


  • Turn off and unplug all non-essential equipment.
  • Turn off and unplug all non-essential, personal appliances, including microwave ovens, coffee pots, refrigerators, toaster ovens, etc. (exceptions are those devices that serve in central locations such break rooms).
  • Turn off all lights and office equipment at night.
  • If applicable and safe, turn off overhead lighting during the day.
  • Adjust air conditioning thermostats slightly upward.  Employees should dress accordingly and professionally.
  • Evaluate and adjust travel plans, and when possible, conserve gasoline by reducing the number of trips and carpooling

If applicable, evaluate and implement opportunities for employees to telecommute.

For tips on energy conservation at home, please read:

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