Schoolhouse Library Volunteers

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The Minneola Schoolhouse Library is lucky to have a dedicated volunteer corps to help run the library.  Many thanks to all of the following volunteers:

  • Shirley Barchi
  • Lisa Beni
  • Peggy Bragg
  • Karen Bonilla
  • Marie Cameron
  • Diana Dennis-Mahoney
  • Ruthann Godfrey
  • Anita Gonzalez
  • Ernest Flores
  • Sarah Heckman
  • Christine Hill
  • Sharon Johnson
  • Lawrence Kilcoyne
  • Barbara Kingsley
  • Linda McPeek
  • Carol McCarthy
  • Judith Mascia
  • Angela Michel
  • Sheldon Moore
  • Kurtis Noble
  • Mary Page
  • Beverly Oyler
  • Linda Pierce
  • Ruth Sandweiss
  • Deena Scintilla
  • Tom Silliman
  • JoAnn Schwartz
  • Marjorie Tingley

The library can never have enough good volunteers, however.  If you have two hours a week that you would like to give to the library, complete this application <insert hyperlink> and bring it into the library.  If you prefer, you may request an application in person at the library or call (352) 432-3921 and we will mail an application to you.

We currently need to fill the following volunteer positions:

  • Circulation Specialists: We will train those that would like to learn the circulation system and work at the circulation desk two hours each week.  We are especially in need of those who would like to work late afternoons or early evenings.  Our library closes at 6:30 p.m. each day.
  • Adult Programming Planner: We already have a number of adult programs, but there are many other adult programming opportunities available.  We need a planner who would help select, schedule and coordinate these exciting programs.
  • Photographer: We would love to have someone that would enjoy attending library events and taking photos to post on the library’s Facebook page to keep it vibrant and active.  The library will provide the camera.
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  A volunteer coordinator would manage the volunteer schedule, oversee the sign-in sheet, and plan volunteer appreciation activities.

Download the Library Volunteer Application Form