Street & Sidewalks

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Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Telephone: (352) 394-5330

Office Location:

300 W. Pearl Street

Minneola, FL  34715


The City of Minneola Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and construction of city streets; including street name signs, stop signs, asphalt repair and street sweeping. Sidewalk repair is also a subsidiary of the Public Works Department.


If you have any issues with signs or sidewalks within the City, please contact the Public Works Street & Sidewalks Department using the number listed above.


In the City Codes, the sidewalks are the responsibility of the homeowner. However, each year the Department receives a little funding to repair and replace some sidewalks. We would like to be able to help everyone that calls but funds do not permit it. There are some steps that citizens can take to help preserve their sidewalks and keep them in good condition.:

Don't drive vehicles over sidewalks. Don't allow your contractor to drive on them either.

Don't plant trees to close to the sidewalk - the roots will push the walkway up.

Keep grass edged along the sidewalk and from between the joints in the walkway.

Streets within the City which require repair, up to and including asphalt repair, should be directed tp Public Works Street Department using the number listed above.


The City of Minneola has one street sweeper. Our street sweeping program is one of the ways we use to try to keep debris out of our stormwater system. City streets are cleaned a minimum of two (2) times per year. In order to properly sweep the streets, cars cannot be parked in the street and debris (leaves, grass, papers etc.) cannot be blown in to the street. Yard debris has a tendency to clog the sweeper. If your street is in need of sweeping, please contact the Public Works Street Department using the number listed above.


Other useful numbers:

            Lake County Road Department               352-343-6439

            Lake County Road Sign Department       352-742-1766

            State Road and Sign Office                     352-315-3100