Community Redevelopment Agency



On February 19, 2013 and May 06, 2014, the City Council made the determination that blighted areas existed in the City, and that there was a need for a redevelopment agency to implement the revitalization of this blighted area.  Therefore, Resolution 2013-03 created the Minneola Mountain Properties Community Redevelopment Area (Minneola Mountain C.R.A.) and Resolution 2014-06 created the Downtown Minneola Community Redevelopment Area (Downtown C.R.A.).  Based upon this determination, the City Council adopted Resolution 2013-03 and Resolution 2014-06 which were amended by Ordinance 2014-05 which appointed the City Council as the City of Minneola Community Redevelopment Agency (C.R.A.) pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes (2012) which outlines the rights, powers, duties, privileges, and immunities invested in the City Council acting as the C.R.A.  The C.R.A. exists as an agency until dissolved by action of the City Council.

The C.R.A. oversees two (02) redevelopment areas.  The Minneola Mountain C.R.A. is funded by Ordinance 2013-03 and amended by Ordinance 2014-06.  The Downtown C.R.A. is funded by Ordinance 2013-05 and amended by Ordinance 2014-06. 

The C.R.A. is funded by tax increment financing (T.I.F.).  When the trust funds were established, a snapshot of the base year was taken of the area's taxable property values.  As capital improvements and other developments take place within the community redevelopment areas, these taxable values increase. The difference, referred to as increment, between the original values and current values is collected by the taxation authority and deposited in the trust funds.  On May 20, 2014, Ordinance 2014-05 rescinded the 2012 base year for the Minneola Mountain C.R.A. taxable property values and established a new base year of 2013.


The public purpose of the C.R.A. is to eliminate slum and blight throughout the two (02) redevelopment areas.


The five (05) members of the City Council also serve as the C.R.A. Board Members.  The current listing of these members, as well as contact information, may be found at the bottom of this page or on the City Council page.


The State of Florida's ethics provisions are generally applicable to the C.R.A. unless expressly provided otherwise by law or action of the Agency.


The Minneola Mountain C.R.A. encompasses 3,906 +/- acres and includes the Founder's Ridge, Hills of Minneola, Minneola Ridge, and Sugarloaf areas.  The redevelopment area boundaries and legal description may be found on the Minneola Mountain C.R.A. page.


The Downtown C.R.A. encompasses 922 +/- acres and includes the Ardmore Reserves, East Ridge, Lakewood Ridge, and Reserve at Minneola areas.  The redevelopment area boundaries and legal description may be found on the Downtown C.R.A. page.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Joyce Heffington, AICP (352) 394-3598 x 171

Board Members

Name Title
Pat Kelley Board Chair
Pam Serviss Board Member
Debbie Flinn Vice Chair
Joseph Saunders Board Member
Erick Hernandez Board Member