Fleet & Facilities

This is a photo of the minneola public works fleetOffice Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Telephone: (352) 551-6502

Office Location:

300 W. Pearl Street

Minneola, FL  34715

The Fleet / Facilities Department, is responsible for all building maintenance and building improvements for the City; purchase of all City vehicles as well as maintenance of those vehicles up to and including parts, gas and oil, tires and batteries.

Does the City give away sandbags during a storm?

When sandbags are available they are given to City residents on a first call first serve basis. Sand bags are only available during a pending hurricane or tropical storm. When a storm in approaching you can call (352) 267-2673 and request their name be added to the list to receive sandbags if there are any available.

Do we need a tree permit to remove a tree?

The Public Works Department only cares for, trims, and removes trees that are on the City right-of-way. For questions regarding tree removal of trees that are in your yard please review this page or contact the Planning Department at (352) 394-3598, extension 2200.

Who do we call if we have questions about our water lines or sanitary house sewer lines?

Contact the Water Department at (352) 267-2673.