Water Department

Inside of Water Treatment Plant with Pipes and Two Exhaust FansThe City of Minneola Water Department produces an average daily production of 2.8 million gallons of water per day from the Floridan Aquifer. The water treatment and distribution systems provide water to approximately 4,180 customers in the city and surrounding county area.

The City's Water Department works tirelessly to provide the highest quality drinking water and service to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The services we provide to you are:

  • Department Administration
  • Water Treatment and Pumping Operations
  • Water Distribution System Repairs and Maintenance
  • Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Services
  • Grounds Maintenance of all Water Facilities
  • Water Quality Inspections
  • Customer Related Inquiries of Low Pressure, Water Quality and Leaks
  • Water System Renewal and Replacement
  • Water System Expansion Projects
  • New Utility Construction Inspections

Your water is very high quality from the aquifer and only requires a small amount of treatment and disinfection to safeguard the public health. Your drinking water is routinely monitored for many contaminants. All community water systems, including the City of Minneola, are required to report to you the results of these tests on our Consumer Confidence Report.

Click Here to Read the City's 2019 Annual Drinking Water Report

As a municipal utility, the City of Minneola has a responsibility to safely provide reliable, quality utility services to its customers. Every day our customers use millions of gallons of water without a second thought. We consider this a vote of confidence in your water supply system and we are proud to have earned your trust.