Minneola Mountain C.R.A.

The City of Minneola established the Minneola Mountain Properties Community Redevelopment Agency in February 2013 and directed that a redevelopment plan be prepared (Appendix A). This plan evaluates the Redevelopment Area' s physical and economic conditions and the current challenges and development opportunities facing the community. The plan focuses on the transportation infrastructure, related support facilities, and the positive economic impact that an expanded transportation system and turnpike interchange would bring to the properties in the Redevelopment Area, the City of Minneola, and the region. The Redevelopment Plan will address strategies and programs which will eliminate blight, stimulate economic development and job creation, and address the lack of infrastructure within the Redevelopment Area.

The Redevelopment Plan is confined to a specific geographic area of approximately 3,906 ± acres, including all rights of way. To view this plan, click the link below:

Minneola Mountain Properties Community Redevelopment Plan