Planning & Zoning Department

The Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for managing and coordinating the planning, zoning and development functions of the City of Minneola.

The Planning & Zoning Department assists property owners in understanding the applications required to facilitate approval, while meeting the objectives, of their project. Utilizing proactive planning practices, based on adopted regulations and statutes, the department coordinates all land development activity in the city.  The department reviews applications for existing and new commercial and residential development projects, making recommendations for rezoning, conditional use, variance, site plan and subdivision applications.  These applications are reviewed for completeness and compliance with the Land Development Regulations (LDR) and Comprehensive Plan. The Planning & Zoning Department also Engineer's Scale and Planning Drawingsprepares and presents detailed information packets to the Development Review Committee (DRC) and Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z). Additionally, the department addresses questions from the public and other government agencies about the City’s Land Development Regulations and procedures.

Typical daily functions performed by the Planning & Zoning Department include:

  • Assisting homeowners with applications, fees and procedures.
  • Responding to the public’s questions on the use of land regarding issues such as zoning, fees and the development review process.
  • Reviewing applications for completeness and consistency with the Future Land Use Map and Comprehensive Plan.
  • Processing small and large scale Comprehensive Plan amendments to comply with applicable state regulations.
  • Reviewing site plans for consistency with city ordinances such as zoning and subdepartment regulations.
  • Amending Land Development Regulations for current issues and consistency with the Growth Management Plan.

To view Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

Planning & Zoning Commission Agendas

Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Corey DeVogel Planning Technician (352) 394-3598 x 173
Joyce Heffington, AICP (352) 394-3598 x 171