What is Required When Installing or Replacing a Fence?

There are two forms required when applying to install a fence. They are the Zoning Clearance form and the Building Permit Application. These forms need to be submitted in person to the Planning & Zoning Department along with two copies of the Property Record Card, this can be found on the Lake County Property Appraisers website. Two copies of the property's survey also needs to be submitted indicating where the fence will be installed. 

If a contractor is submitting the paperwork for the homeowner, we will need a copy of the contract showing the homeowners signature, or a power of attorney between the homeowner and contractor.

If the homeowner is installing the fence on their own, without a contractor, we will need them to sign an Owner/Builder Affidavit. This can be notarized in the office, but please wait to sign the document until you arrive.

If the cost of construction is over $2,500 a Notice of Commencement is required. We will need a copy of the NOC that has been recorded with Lake County Clerk of Courts.

If your property is located in a development which is regulated by a Homeowner's Association, we will need either (a) proof your fence has been reviewed and approved by your HOA's Architectural Review Board or (b) the Acknowledgement of Awareness or Homeowners' Association Regulations signed by the homeowner.

Once these papers are in order they can be submitted to the Planning & Zoning Department with the appropriate payment, which is payable by check or cash only.

The payment schedule is as follows:

Fences under 100 lineal feet: $25.00
Fences over 100 lineal feet: $50.00

The fee for the Building inspection is $58.00.

If you would like more information on how fences are regulated in the City of Minneola you can find this information here.

Please contact the Planning & Zoning Department if you have any further questions or need any assistance at (352) 394 - 3598 x2202.